Common Mistakes When Buying a Backpack

For a college student, buying you school needs on your own must be a sign of your independence from your parents. While in grade school or high school, parents were the ones who shopped for your school needs such as backpacks, books, and other requirements in school. Now that you are in college, you can buy these things on your own.

A backpack is essential to a student, more so to a college student like you. It is where you put and carry all the stuff that you need in school for the day. You also put your other things in it like your makeup kit, umbrella, mobile phone, and many other things.

Selecting a college backpack should not only be limited to the design, color, carrying capacity, and the number of compartments that a backpack has. Probably, the price is always a consideration for students. The following are usually the things that students always forget when selecting their backpacks, and it has been proven many times that they are as important as the design and capacity, among others.

Not Checking the Water Resistance

It is not uncommon that notebooks and other school items made of paper are damaged because the backpack that we chose is not water-resistant or rainproof. And it is not only the papers that can be destroyed, calculators, and other gadgets can also get damaged. Rain may come unexpectedly, and you may forget to bring an umbrella with you every time. It is then appropriate that school bags should be waterproof.

Not Testing the Zipper Quality

One common reason why backpacks are damaged is the quality of the zippers. It will genuinely be untidy and least fashionable to be carrying a bag that has damaged zippers. Damaged zippers can result from heavy or excessive load. It can be inconvenient when the zipper gets damaged while you are in school. Some of your things may fall and get damaged too.

Forgetting about the Sewing Quality

If you do not check on the sewing quality, chances are, your backpack can give way if you have a heavy load on it. To prevent the embarrassment and inconvenience that it might cause you in public, always check on this particular aspect.

Not Looking for Other Carrying Options

While they say that a backpack is the least tiring of all bags, it can also cause discomfort when carrying your backpack at your back for a long time. Check on a top handle so you can alternate carrying it like a handbag or a side sling so you can carry your backpack as you do to your shoulder bag. This way, you can also rest your back, shoulder blades, and collar bone for some time.