There is stiff competition for jobs out there. However, this does not mean graduates cannot find the jobs they deserve. The truth is that finding a graduate position is quite tough. However, statistics show that the situation is improving over time. Your job is out there waiting for you. The following are tips to follow:

Professionalize your online profiles

This is the first thing you need to do before even reaching out to employers. Ensure your online presence is presentable. In fact, nearly all employers considering you for an interview are going to search for you online. Thus, it is necessary you make your online profiles professional.

Upload your resume

4rfrr resumeYou should note that it is not only job seekers who utilize job sites, but recruiters and employers use them to find potential new employees. This means that by chance a potential employer can see your CV and realize that you are the perfect candidate for the opportunity. Uploading a CV to the job site will take less than 5 minutes, and it is worth it. Also, upload your resume to your LinkedIn account. In fact, a lot of employers use LinkedIn to look for potential candidates.

Contact recruiters

Nowadays, there are several recruitment agencies across the country. Some of them specialize in hiring graduates. They are paid commissions for filing the company’s vacancy. This means that they are the best to have on your side. In fact, they will ensure you get a job so that they get paid. However, there are cons also.


Customize every application

The majority of the jobs require that you submit a cover letter and customized CV when applying for a job. It is quite tempting to dish out similar documents for every job you apply. It may appear as a total headache to customize each application. However, if you fail, you will be wasting a lot of time. Remember that you are not only telling employers about you, but you also need to tell them that you are the right person for the given job.

Use your connections

In most instances, it is not about whatever you know. The truth is that thousands of jobs are filled each year with just word of mouth. Therefore, if you know a person who works for a particular company you are interested in, ask them to recommend you.