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The Benefits of Being a Lawyer

Becoming a lawyer is not easy. In fact, it requires four years of intensive studies beyond the bachelor degree program. Moreover, you will face a lot of competition from other lawyers. However, there are several benefits of being a lawyer. The following are some of them:

Mental stimulation

mental stimulationWhen you become a lawyer, you can use your capabilities and gain an understanding of complex nature of various laws. This will require a great deal of research and study. Moreover, every case will pose its unique challenges. Also, as a lawyer, you need to possess strong writing, analytical, and reading skills. Remember that you will face the challenge of determining most effective methods to apply the law to solve various problems of your clients.

A wide range of career options

You are free to choose a given aspect of the law and specialize in it. It is advisable to specialize in an area of you have interest. Some of the areas to specialize include criminal, civil, business, family, immigration, and civil. There are several opportunities in the public sector like working as a public defender or becoming a criminal prosecutor. A public defender is a lawyer who represents clients who do not afford to hire a legal team. You can also become a corporate lawyer working for a business organization.

Emotional rewards

A lot of people turn to attorneys for assistance during times of need. For instance, some individuals are charged in a court of law for crimes they committed while others need legal advice to make business decisions. You can gain a lot of satisfaction by helping others that experience difficulty. Therefore, being a professional lawyer is quite rewarding. Lawyers that believe in a cause can take cases on pro bono basis. This means that they do not charge fees for services offered.

Financial rewards

salaray lawyerWhen you become a lawyer, you get an opportunity to build wealth. You should note that lawyers are some of the highest paid people. This is because they earn salaries that are above most professionals. However, not all of them make a lot of money, and their salaries depend on factors such as an employer, size of law form, geographical location, and experience level.

Global influence

As thought leaders, change agents, and lawmakers, lawyers are in pole position to impact the society. For instance, they create laws, hold great positions in governments, and rule the courts.

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Benefits of Reading on a Daily Basis

Are you reading on a routine basis? If that is the case, what do you read? It is magazines, Tweets, Facebook updates, or newspapers. It is advisable to read on a routine basis. This is necessary if you do not want to miss the various benefits that come with reading. The following are some of the benefits you are likely to enjoy reading.

Mental stimulation

 reading Recent studies show that mentally stimulated people are less prone to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This is because the brain stays active and does not lose power. This means that it will work like other body muscles. It is a good idea to exercise your brain to keep it in the right shape. Other than reading, playing games such as chess can help improve cognitive function.


If you work during the day, you are likely to suffer from stress. As a result, you may face other issues in your life. Fortunately, a great novel can take you to another world. Moreover, engaging and well-written articles can distract you from things that cause stress. Therefore, by reading, you can relax.


Good articles and books offer a lot of information. You may not know when you require this information. Therefore, knowing can help deal with challenges which you have in life. Also, you may find yourself in unfavorable circumstances. This means that none will take the knowledge you gain away. You can lose your money, job, and all other possessions, but you cannot lose the knowledge acquired.


Vocabulary can be defined as a warehouse of words which can help pass the message across in the right way possible. Remember that in any given profession, being articulate is of great help. Also, self-esteem can be a great boost when talking to your seniors. Moreover, it can boost your career as persons with good communication skills get a lot of promotion opportunities.


readingWhen you read books, you can train the mind to memorize a lot of characters and the ambitions, history, nuances, and background of those characters. Although this can be a lot to remember, the human brain is by far much better than machines which have been invented. In fact, it is the most complicated organ of the body.

Analytical skills

Analytical skills help you when critiquing a plot to determine whether it is well written and whether each character is developed fully.